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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 29, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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somewhere. >> i will be trying to get in the trunk of the are ka. >> bye, andy, that does it for me. greg gutfeld. parts of arizona's immigration law. we have details. reaction. and a look at what is next. the president is on a fund-raising tour. and what letting the bush tax cuts expire could mean to you. this is "special report." >> good evening. arizona judge has decided toes to out major provisions of the immigration law. we have coverage tonight at the white house with the administration's reaction and we begin with details on what is next. william? >> good evening. the law stands but barely. the federal district judge slapped down the state leaving many supporters dismayed and
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disappointed an the country. those who saw this law and thought it had broad support. to enforce immigration laws that many feel the federal government has not. and now pictures, we have demonstrations early today, and they are really turning into rallies and celebrations because the judge ruled in their favor. and now, some specifics of the controversial aspect of this bill that she did issue a preliminary injunction against. number one: the judge said it was illegal for the state to ask people about their immigration status, when they have reasonable suspicion during a lawful stop. and she said the law that makes it a crime to trespass and to be in this country illegally was struck down. finally, she said it was illegal the state said an individual had to carry their papers. police ages were defied on the
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bill but rank and file saw it as a tool in the box. what this means, the law will go into effect tonight at midnight but you have the status quo. police will continue to have to stop people, arrest them, and the immigration status is determined at jail. in terms of the appeal, this could take weeks or months and many do not believe the circuit would overturn this judge on her preliminary injunction. >> william, the governor of arizona says this is just the beginning. >> that is correct. the judge has been disappointed. >> the governor. >> the line we hear from the supporters this is just a step in a long road but we will appeal. >> thank you from phoenix tonight. the administration was quick not to characterize the ruling as a political victory. white house corporate has that part of the story.
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outside the white house, a celebration of the ruling that put significants part of the immigration law on hold. >> 25 years and they came and they came and they came, and now they say "leave." >> given the public support fort law and the federal failure on immigration reform that prompted it, president obama did not treat the ruling as a victory and left it to the justice department to comment in a written statement that said in part "we understand the frustration of arizona with the broken immigration system, a patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement and would be counterproductive." the white house predicted the appeal would be successful. >> based on the fact you cannot have 50 states making a patchwork of immigration decisions. but republicans were surprised and disappointed.
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arizona senator kyl predicted before the ruling --. >> she will not enjoin it. >> she put the arrest requirement and the m employment ban and the requirement they care identification on hold. >> she totally wipe out the major provisions of the bill. >> she was placed on the bench by former president clinton and then it guess to a liberal appeal court, the 9th circuit based in san francisco. john mccain believes the fight will not end there. >> given the history of the 9th circuit court of appeals we are going all the way to the supreme court. >> both see political gain in the fight. democrats from hispanics who were a major help in 2008 and republicans from those wanting tighter period security who feel the obama administration has failed. >> it will shine the light open the federal government for not doing what they should. >> republicans think the border
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security issue will help them in the fall congressional election but the fight over immigration reform and the court fight over the arizona law could be going on or memories could be fresh in 2012 when hispanic voter turn out could make the difference in a second term for president obama. >> thank you. much more on this tonight. >> the f.b.i. director said he did not know how many of the agents cheated on a test of the limit taightses of the bureau's power. the justice department is investigating claims some agents finished the exam early and that others violated rules by taking the test together and obtained printed copies of the test to study. president obama is taking the role of fundraiser in chief across the country to raise cash for democrats who are preparing to do battle with a re-energized republican party in november.
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white house correspondent has that story. >> fundraising time for president obama but you would not know it from the pictures at a stop in new jersey where the president worried about biting off more than he could chew. >> when i was 20 i can order a 12" and now at 49, i need a half. >> he is taking a bite out of manhattan attending two fundraising dinners to raise up to $3 million for the democratic national committee. no pictures of the parties or those at the four seasons but just motorcade pictures same as when he met with big donors in downtown washington, dc. >> the president likes to do is while trying to display a down home feel to voters is go into the posh places to raise money demonstrating who this president
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campaigns as and who he is. >> the white house is attracting video coverage of the launch of the two week fundraising blitz that includes stops in atlanta, chicago, austin and dallas. and that's just the beginning. >> we will see more activity as we get closer to election day. we have committed $50 million unprecedented amount to 2010. >> but $30 million is for party building efforts through the president's grass roots operation. the forces are loyal first for mr. obama in the 2012 bid for reelection and second to rank and file democrats. the goal? >> helping democrats get elected and that the president has friends in congress to support change and continue to move the country forward. >> the republican national committee cannot raise that kind of money and does not have a carry over network from the 2008
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campaign. when the democrats control white house, house and senate they will have advantage. and they do not have talking point credible with voters about how anyone but democrats are responsible for what is going on right now. >> and the president stopped by the tv talk shows "the view," and these pictures represent what happened during the breaks to watch the show as they say, check your local listings on tomorrow. >> thank you. and the wedding of chelsea clinton is ruffling feathers and addressing the sherrod
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all in election headquarters there are 97 days until the 2010 election with enough seats up for grabs to change the balance of power in washington, dc. on the house of representatives, democrats have 255 seats. republicans have 178.
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two are vacant. the g.o.p. needs 40 seats to recapture the majority. if elections were held today, 202 seats would fall to the democrats and republicans claim 201. 32 seats are called a toss up. in the senate, democrats have 59 members. republicans have 41 and need ten to reclaim the majority. as of today, democrats would have 52 seats. republicans pick up six. and have 47 seats. tomko burn has won the republican senate primary in oklahoma. he defeated two g.o.p. challenger on tuesday. he is seeking a second term and will not seek a third if he wins in november. >> remember the white house job offer to democratic congressman sestak to get him out of the senate primary against specter, a race that sestak won? i asked him about it for an
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election special airing on fox this week. the white house stated that chief of staff asked former president clinton to reach out to sestak with that offer. they offered you a board position, you could not be a congressman and do that. if people say this does not add up, what do you say? >> come on to me, with me, to pennsylvania, i have yet to have a person ask me. they want to know, what are you doing for us? i answer questions honestly. but what i have to make sure, i do, is work on solutions, practical solutions to their problems. >> you answer questions honestly. if that's so, do you thing the white house handled this poorly? not only dealing with it originally but the release that doesn't add up for a lot of people? >> i know the democratic establishment did not want me in the race.
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i said, no. i don't agree. and that's all that matters to them. really. >> an administration that did not answer the question for weeks onnd about what happened and when they finally put a release out, it doesn't add up. so, as a democrat, as a person in the same party as the president, and this administration, are you concerned that perhaps they were not being truthful or there is some kind of strange legalness that explains what they were doing? >> i ran against the establishment. because i was running for the families of pennsylvania. all i think about is one thing --. >> i got it. >> with that's it. >> on this issue should there be an investigation? >> look if i thought for a moment something was wrong i would have been the first to go. >> one more time, you are done
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with this issue. >> been done with it since last july. >> tune in on sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern for the fight to control congress for the latest on several races including the senate race in pennsylvania. it can tip the balance of power in washington in november. >> lawyers for democratic congressman charlie rangel are still trying to see if a plea is possible before the public meeting on thursday. a panel will present the findings at the meeting. the form ways and means committee chairman spoke about the charges early today. a unpleasant as it may appear to be, you cannot be asking for a hearing and a discussion of the facts foreclose to two years without feeling a sense of relief at long last we can talk
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about the allegation. >> the event that he was leaving there, the national urban league conference, looked to address minority issues of the future and chart a course for the next 100 years. some controversial events last week were also part of the agenda. we have that story. do not complain about it. do not file a lawsuit. just do it. >> busted vernon jordan summoned black america to unshackled itself from pathologies that make it the best of times and the worst of times. >> black buying power in 2008 was $913 billion. today, more black men are in jail than in college. >> aging civil rights heros and younger leaders agree strides have been made since 1970 when
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fewer than 1,500 blacks held public office now exceeding 10,000 but they differ over the mission today when federal and state governments are drowning in red ink. >> they are cutting back on public transportation and public housing and on public education and then have built the largest jails and complex in the world which 55 percent are black. that is the heart of civil rights. >> we have to hold on to the politics and the judiciary but if we do not understand the economics we lose them both. >> shirley sherrod, the former official, whose firing by the superiors in the agriculture departments over comments thought to be racist, earned her an apology from president obama. >> we have to stay to folks if leadership, whether the white house or anybody else, don't be so afraid of white folks that you treat black people bad
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weather it is the white house or naacp. you cannot live in the moment of responding to the right wing press who is using that platform to literally do their organizing to intimidate you and basically run this country. >> tomorrow, the league will hear from president obama who was widely but not universally praised at the conference today. a professor said he was more worry about bailing out the banks. can he deliver? >> the new republican strategy calling for young guns. but, first, the bush tax cuts could expire if congress does not act fast. what could that expiration mean for your wallet? we will show you.?)?)?)?)?)?)?))
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>> an airplane crashed into the hills overlooking pakistan's capital today killing all 152 people. including two americans. the worst plane crash in that country's history. the cause of the crash is not immediately clear but the government does not suspect terrorism. a packed bus hit a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan today killing 25 people. elsewhere in southern afghanistan, a social was killed in what nato called an insurgent attack and petty officer third class newlove is still missing, and the pentagon says the whereabouts are unknown and not said whether he is captured by the taliban. >> a fourth day of u.s. and south korean joint military drills is drawing criticism from north korea urging washington to
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abandon the "hostile policy," and the military says the drills were intended to warn the north the u.s. and south korea will not tolerate further acts of aggression. >> democrats and republicans in washington are at odds over extending the bush tax cuts. but a new website shows how the average family could be facing several tax increases if congress fails to act. chief washington count takes a look at the numbers and how they could affect you. >> the tax hikes automatically hit every tass tass -- taxpayer unless they stop the alternative minimum tax from hitting 20 million more and with a recess for midterm elections some lawmakers are wondering, how will they get to it? >> congress is running out of time if they want to get these done such as protecting people from the higher taxes. >> taxpayers have good republican to wonder and the tax
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foundation has a website where they can plug if their own information to find out. for example, a couple making $100,000 now face $12,500 in federal taxes but if the bush cuts are not extended the taxes soar. >> they pay a tax bill and that is $3,200 higher than what they will pay today. a 30 percent increase in taxes. enormous tax increase for the childless couple. >> if the same couple what two children they would face a bigger tax increase. >> their tax bill goes up $4,000 because the value of the child tax credit goes down, is cut in half. >> and because the marriage penalty comes back forcing a couple to pay more than two victims would. president obama of course wants to extends the bush tax cuts for families making up to $250,000 a year without the extension they jump $3,000 but the president would limit deductions for things such as mortgages, state
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taxes and charity so many families would face a tax increase even with the extension. >> that means under the obama plan that he promised to protect those earning under $250,000 the tax bill goes up. >> many have yet another problem, because unless congress acts, one in three families will also face the a.m.t. >> that tax is the alternate universe where some have to calculate two different ways and pay the greater amount. >> it was for millionaires but more and more are swept into it in 2009 only four million were subject and this year it is 27 million so congress has to get moving on that and the bush tax cut extension if it will prevent a significant officer for every american taxpayer. >> just the beginning. >> home loan politics were down last week despite the lowest
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mortgage rates if decades. the bankers say politicians fell 4.4 percent and stocks were down today, the dow lost less than 40 points and s&p dropped 7.75 birks. and b.p. says they have paid $66 million to those who lost income or profits because of the oil spill including more than $30 million the last week. and 2,200 gulf benches have been closed because of the spill, continue times as the same period last year. and a parish councilman in louisiana says the oil leak near the gulf we told you about on monday could be stopped today if all goes well. oliver stone tries to explain a statement he made early this week that caused quite a stir. plus, since howard dean does not know the facts about our
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>> now from the political grapevine: former democratic presidential candidate howard doon made a definitive statement about this network's coverage of the shirley sherrod story. here is what dean said monday after his weekend appearance on fox news.
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i happen to like chris wallace. but he was really not being exactly accurate when he talked about we didn't say one word about this before the secretary of agriculture fired her. the fact is they were pushing had story very, very hard all day. it may be true they to not mention her name but they ran the tape without mentioning her name. >> well, dean, let's take a look. the shirley sherrod was posted on a website at 8:18 that morning. here is a look at programming on fox news channel that day. monday, july 19. at 7:00 a.m., no mention of shirley sherrod. no playing of the clip. not a single mention. not a frame of that video hit the air all day. by mid-afternoon, shirley sherrod said an agriculture department official demanded the resignation telling her to pull over and submit it on the order from the white house because the
4:32 am
white house feared shirley sherrod would be on glenn beck but at 5:00 p.m., he did not run the story or the video and neither did this show. or the fox report. and it wasn't until 8:49 p.m. when the clip ran. for which he particular apologized. but, again, the airing of the clip was two hours after the official announcement of shirley sherrod's resignation and at least five hours after shirley sherrod said she was forced to step down. the impending wedding of chelsea clinton is leaving some left out. "new york times" reports that it takes more than a cross country ride on a private jet to score an invite as one friend complained "i'm good enough to borrow a plane from but not good enough to be invited to the wedding." filmmaker oliver stone has apologized for remarks we told you about on monday, telling
4:33 am
london sunday times the next documentary would seek to put stalin and hitler in context and derided the jewish domination of the media and said he made a "clumsy association about the holocaust for which i am sorry and i regret. jews, obviously do not control the media or any other industry." republicans are employing a new strategy to win votes in the midterm election but you could be surprised how they came up with the idea. our correspondent has the story. look out, the republicans say, the young guns are coming to town, the fresh political talent the g.o.p. believes has a good chance of picking off house democrats in the midterm elections. they say they have big ideas about cleaning up this town. >> people want jobs and they want the federal government to get back to the basics.
4:34 am
>> we have a lot of potential for the fall election to have a strong group in the house. >> 39 candidates have been given the young gun label polling well against democrats but you may be surprised to learn where they came up with the idea. >> they are copying what house democratic campaign chairman did in the 26 twx cycle, imitation is the highest form of flattery. >> and he is running the obama white house and now a maryland congressman is developing democratic talent in his program. most agree that he has his work cut out. for example, look at the third district of nevada, a state senator is vupg as a washington outsider. >> we see what is going on and we have been involved in the races and want to bring a new direction to washington. >> and democratic incumbent is
4:35 am
having none of this. >> he needs to look at himself in the mirror. he is following all the republican talking points. the real clear politics website says the race is leaping republicans and there is general agreement that a republican wave is building, and some say the gop could reclaim the house from democrats. which means that some of the gop young guns have a real shot in november. arizona's controversial immigration law is de fanged by a federal judge before it was to go into effect, the policy, politics and the appeal in the works. we weigh in after the
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>> we have to tell our folks we
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want one and get on with it. this is a very small part of the war of people would clearly need to be, people want to have them deported. >> they got relief not to do their job and that means that now they have this temporary injunction and they need to step up, the feds, and do the job they have the responsibility to do for the people of america and for the people of arizona. had begins the process. this is an injunction. they have not her the merits of the bill. this is just an injunction, a temporary injunction. >> well, today, the federal judge in arizona issued a temporary injunction to stop some of the most controversial provisions of the arizona immigration law. one, to allow police give reasonable suspicion to ask a
4:40 am
suspect's status, and another making it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally, and the judge's preliminary stay negated a requirement that aliensment carry immigration papers. as you say, arizona's governor said the appeal is already in the works. what about this, the politics? the policy? the fallout. >> let's bring in our panel. fred? >> well, this was a surprising decision to me because i thought the obama administration had a weak case but the judge decided otherwise and and and even befoe law went into effect but eliminated for now the main parts and the effect of the decision was what i think the governor said in the bite that arizona wanted to enhance enforcements of the immigration
4:41 am
law as a judge, frustrated enforcements of the laws. the judge but the the argument of arizona preempting federal law and i don't think arizona was. they were trying to step up enforcement of the federal law. one of the answers of the federal government was, what's the judge, which the judge agreed with, was absurd and that is that this, if arizona, if police and sheriff in arizona ask people their immigration status and it cannot be determined and they have to call in to the mertion and naturalization service they will be flooded with calls and they will not, it will distract them from doing other things they need to do. well, my advice is, hire more people. that's all you need to do. they say we get calls from the f.b.i. and the secret service and so on, and if we have all these calls we will be distracted. look, the ball is now in the obama administration's court. they have gotten this arizona
4:42 am
law, the main parts, blocked. and it's clear from all of the polls that the american public wants stepped up enforcement so it is up to obama to deliver. >> the white house purposely said they were not going to treat this as a political victory. yet some of the supporters were out doing just that. this could head to the 9th circuit court of appeals and then to the supreme court. what about the politics of today? >> this was a legal victory arguably for the department of justice and the obama administration. and immigration, comprehensive reform advocates but it was not necessarily a political victory. this is going to were site passions on both sides. we are ready to go into the august recess and congress is leaving town and democrats are if vulnerable districts, facing tough re-election and they did not want to talk about immigration. they want to talk about the
4:43 am
economy. this will force them to talk. i am in the sure if this is a political victory for the obama administration. >> it will increase the temperature on both sides but legality is very important because this case will be decided in the supreme court. for now, this is a very sweeping but quite temporary victory for the opponents of the arizona law. the reason i think it is temporary is i cannot see the supreme court upholding this ruling. there's a fundamental contradiction in the middle of it pointed out among others by former prosecutor who makes this case. her argument seems to be, the judge's argument, that the arizona law is not consistent with the federal law and has to be enjoined against. the problem is, she is confusing the idea of the law and the federal enforcements of the law so her argument essentially is because the arizona law which is drawn up to be entirely
4:44 am
consistent with the federal law, it duplicates its language, because the arizona law is contradicting the physical enforcement of the law, which is essentially not enforcement, therefore, it is not consistent with the law and is struck down. so to enforce the federal law on behalf of the states is illegal because it goes against what the feds do which is not enforcing. it is nuts. it does not hold up. when it ends up at the supreme court it will be struck down but in the meantime it will make the argument much more intense open both sides because there is so much at stake here. >> fred, on the politics of it, immigration reform as an issue in congress is essentially dead. we have said in the house of representatives and senate it is in the going anywhere. as an issue it is still relevant? >> it is. because the arizona got ennorms
4:45 am
attention and it's popular across the country but the paradox, they may get good poll numbers on immigration and stronger enforcement of immigration but it has never helped in elections. the candidates that are the strong of the people attacking illegal hispanics have never done well. and what is the rising voting group in the country? it's hispanic. they react poorly to what republicans have said on this issue. so, republicans need to be careful or they are alienate the important voting block. >> they ought to act on the principle that a country has a right to determine who comes in and who zone. i am a supporter of legal immigration in large numbers but we have the right as a country to say our doors are wide open but we're the ones who decide
4:46 am
who comes in. >> go to we will look at the president's fundraising blitz ahead of the mid-term elections when we i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick
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>> the president likes to while displaying a down home feel to votes he goes into the real posh places to raise money and it demonstrates fundamentally the difference of who the president campaigns as and who the president is. >> we focus on making sure that we win as many seats as we can in november.
4:50 am
we understand the historical headlines against you but we have a plan in place to turn out first time voters from 2008 and 2010 with the resources. >> president obama today headed to the tasty sub shot -- shop in new jersey. this was the tasty sub shop today. tonight he attends two dinners to raise up to $3 million for the democratic national committee. one of them is the home of "vogue" editor. no pictures allowed in either of these. it is fundraising season, of course, and what does this mean for democrats headed into the fall? we are back with our panel. >> the president obviously can raise a lot of money, $3 million possibly tonight, but some democrats are choosing to stay away from this white house. >> that's true. some democrats particularly
4:51 am
moderate democrats in tough races do not want to be affiliated with the obama administration and the agenda he pushed forward. he is the president. he will always be able to raise a lot of money. george bush when he was unpopular raised a lot of money. when republicans did want in the him to campaign they wanted his money. and he is the biggest fundraiser in town so if they do not want to stand on the podium with him they will take the money and all the democrats are happy to have him have a $3 million pull in one night. >> the president stopped by the talk show "the view," and they sent out still pictures the president chatting with the ladies in a break on the couch and we can only, can't wait to see "the view," tomorrow and you can see the president relaxing with them. charles?
4:52 am
>> well, the governor of pennsylvania criticized him as unpresidental. i'm in no position to look down at other panel shows and it was richard nixon when he ran for president when he appeared on "laugh in," a comedy show, and said "sock it to me," that was the beginning of the end of american civilization and you could not go lower so the standard has been set and i am not upset by what he is doing on "the view," but it is curious how the union dominated democrats are going around to the dinners, $30,000 a plate tonight, like a line in an updike novel he says like the neighbor she was a fighting to have her money taken away from her which is what these liberals, he is appealing to, are doing. he has a social democratic
4:53 am
agenda, raising their taxes of every kind but these people are so rich that tax hikes have no influence on them. it's the independent businessman and the people would make $250,000 a year who are hurt when you raise the taxes so perhaps it is not as much of a paradox. >> how big a factor will president obama be in november? >> big negative factor. look at the polls the presidential approve rating, he was upwater by four points today. increaseds, the job disapproval was 4 percent higher than the approval. so, it is president obama and the agenda that are unpopular. so, there is only one way he can help and it is raising money. presidents can raise a lot of money, i don't begrudge trying to be regular guy at a deli and
4:54 am
then goes to the fans places to raise money. this is what presidents do. no one can raise money like they can and when it gets down to it this is the only card that, i think, democrats are going to have in the fall election. look, the president skipped going to the boy scouts jamboree so he could be on the "view," and i have an unbroken record of never watching the "view," and the record will be attacked. >> the white house says he is giving a videotaped message to the boy scouts and that the fundraiser, the white house says, had been set up and it was not the "view" appearance that made him skip the jam bore he. >> look, he has a problem, on t.v., doing something all the time, in your face, a new clip the white house put out today of the president sitting in a computer telling you how to go through it to find out how great the health care plan is.
4:55 am
does the president need to do that? what happened to the majesty of the office. my advise is stay off television for a while to enhance your job approval greatly. >> when you have the governor of person saying you should not go on "the view," and i would not put him on jerry springer, either ... >> not my words. he said that. are democrats sensitive of him being out there too much? >> the card that obama has played is going before a crowd and can appeal to the masses, clearly "the view" has a huge viewership, not trying a pun there and he is trying to work on his popularity, fundraising and working on his popularity. does that affect other members who are vulnerable? i don't think so. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for evidence that b.p. is trying to change its;7
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>> finally tonight, we told you that b.p. is getting a new c.e.o. after tony hayward came under so much criticism for his handling of the gulf oil spill. he was vilified everywhere. and b.p. shareholders took notice. so they apparently attempted to take a completely different approach with hayward's successor. >> c.e.o. tony hayward will step down in october. b.p. hopes the move will help to improve american opinion of the oil giant. in another move to soften the company's image, today b.p. named hayward's successor. mittens, a 3-month-old tabby who enjoys balls of yarn. this morning, he made a brief statement. >> meow! >> thus far, the move seems to be working. >> oh! >> thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. no on-line show tonight. we're working on that big election special sunday, 9:00


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